Cat T.V.

At the back of our house in the lower level, there is a sliding glass door that looks out on the tiny back yard behind my townhouse building.  Based on how much Finn enjoys watching out that door, we’ve nicknamed it Cat T.V.

Suburban Wildlife

There are birds, squirrels, snakes, voles, bugs and various other wildlife that make their way through our tiny back yard and in the view of Cat T.V.   Finn can be enthralled by much of it.  But his latest compulsion is a large neighborhood cat that comes to visit Finn pretty regularly.


Handsome neighborhood cat sits quietly outside the door, observing Finn, and Finn yowls to let us know that an intruder is looking to move in on his territory. Big cat don’t care.
Now I’ve come to find out that various streaming television services and YouTube offer various channels for or about cats.  This one hour video on YouTube would probably keep Finn’s interest for a while.
Or perhaps not…he’s pretty much recognized that electronic screens aren’t real, whereas his Cat T.V. is definitely real.


Current Knitting

Since I mostly blog in the mornings, and my desk and computer are next to Cat T.V., the light from that window is often the best place to take photos of W’sIP.  So often my photograph is competing for space with Finn as he watches his favorite “channel.”  So you may see cat parts in various WIP photos.

This one shows my progress so far on the Teddy Bear Baby Blanket and Finn walking around it, waiting to reclaim his television seat.  Unlike the Heart Baby Blanket, I don’t think the other side shows off the teddy bear shape quite as well.

Perhaps it may after washing and blocking, but I still love this cute blanket (even if Finn’s tail appears in the photo).

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