Mid-Summer Flurry of New Projects

Every once in a while I worry that I may be finishing a knitting project and I won’t have another one to immediately start when it’s finished.


Today I find myself working on the Teddy Bear Baby Blanket, a new surprise/secret knit project, a part of the surprise/secret project that includes embroidery AND I’m expected to get the Finish The Dance Cowl KAL project in the mail.
First of all, I finished the latest row of Teddy Bears on the Baby Blanket.
I should probably have finished (or at least started) the next row of Teddy Bears, but I needed to start a new secret project more urgently than I needed to finish the baby blanket.
And yes, this new project includes embroidery…and let me tell you, just because I’m good at knitting, that definitely does NOT translate to all hand-stitching.  My embroidery skills are less than adequate for what I’m trying to do…but they are improving.
Finally, today is when my Kyle Kunnecke charity KAL kit arrives (or at least that’s what UPS tells me).
Being a competitive person, especially when it comes to my knitting, I will definitely want to be starting work on the KAL as soon as it arrives.
Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of knitting projects for the hot and sultry month of July.

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