Flurry Turns Into Storm

Monday, I posted that there were a flurry of new knitting projects in my in-box…now that’s turned into a torrential downpour!

Mailbox Stuffed!

I live in a townhome complex where we don’t each have individual mailboxes at our doorstep…we have clustered mailboxes.

Our mail deliverer jammed 5 catalogs, 7 letters, a box, a puffy-pack CD, and a tyvek package into the box yesterday.  Lazy bitch could’ve at least walked the 50 yards to my door to drop off the two packages like most of the less-incompetent ones do…but at least there was no damage.


The Franklin Habit Dolores Kit and the Kyle Kunnecke Finish The Dance Cowl Kit


Namoli Brennet’s The Simple Life CD, USB with engraved wood case and sticker

So now I’ve got two KAL’s going, finishing the secret/gift knit project and a few things waiting in queue.

Retirement can be exhausting!  Just kidding…it’s awesome!

Current Knitting

First of all, I finished knitting the gift object and I even finished the embroidery part (badly).  I still need to sew the embroidery onto the knitted object.  I will be able to post photos of this in a couple of weeks.

Then, being the competitive person I am, I had to start Kyle’s Finish the Dance Cowl.

This is truly a well-thought out design…each comes with a hand-sewn project bag in beautiful fabric, is numbered out of the 49 kits (to match the number of people who died in the Pulse shooting) with yarn that was donated by Skacel and put together by Kyle to support the Lambert House and even the design incorporates 49 repeats…a constant reminder of those who died as I’m knitting this beautiful cowl.

Im on the second color of the rainbow, and it is done in stranded knitting, so I’m locking every other stitch float.  It’s taking a little longer with all the float-locks, but I’m loving the result.

Finally, in addition to ignoring the Teddy Bear Baby Blanket (for now), I started my own KAL for the guys currently registered for the Fall Men’s Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain in September.

This is the start of a pair of Men’s Slipper Socks I designed a while ago when I saw a similar pair for sale from a commercial store and I figured I could easily make them…here’s what the looked like way back then.


Simple and easy knitting that I should finish up pretty quickly and let me get back to doing some work on the Teddy Bear Baby Blanket.

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