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Thanks to a longtime friend, Nora…I now can add this beauty to my collection of spinning wheels!

Little Lies

Actually, even though, it has fully articulated wheel, treadle and distaff, this is just a beautiful little miniature pencil sharpener.


I have to admit, I see a lot of schlocky things made to look like spinning wheels (tabletop planters are the most common) and I usually think they’re done really badly.  But this little item is awesome and done extremely well.  I don’t often have the opportunity to sharpen pencils, but I’ll love having this fine object adorn my work area.

It’s nice being known as the guy who appreciates fiber-related items!


Current Knitting

The Old Shale Wrap is looking fantastic and moving along.

I’m almost 4/5ths finished and think it will be quite beautiful when it’s finished.

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