A Little Christmas in August

This past December we didn’t get to go to the Thaddeus’ family’s for Christmas as they went to Hawaii to celebrate.

Christmas Delayed

Since we got to seem Thad’s family last week, we did exchange a couple of gifts we originally had for this past Christmas, and they were extremely thoughtful this year.
My sister-in-law Michelle is the only person other than me who I know who can spot a knitting book at a yard sale or flea market buried beneath piles of other things.  So I have this beauty to add to my library now.



I also got this amazing Kaffe teapot and it is just beautiful.  I’m glad it comes with a diffuser screen insert with a fine mesh…I am not one who enjoys picking specks of tea leaf out of my teeth.

Current Knitting

Some progress has been made on the second Old Shale Wrap.

I’m at the halfway mark and I know this because I’m almost finished with the first hank of yarn.  I can’t seem to find the second hank of this yarn, so I may have to start on something new for a bit until it shows up.

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