I Am A Master Blogger!

This past Wednesday, Thaddeus and I got more done before 9:00 than we usually do all day…including 10 minutes to publish probably the longest blog entry I’ve ever published.

Blah, Blah, Blog

Wednesday morning, I made and drank my morning latte, shaved, showered, went to the flea market, went grocery shopping and then left the house at 8:50 to meet a friend for breakfast.

Thaddeus was driving and he knew I needed to get back to the house by 8:50 to be able to make my breakfast engagement.  When we arrived home at 8:38, I said, “Great, now I can publish a blog entry before I leave!”

Thaddeus was surprised and didn’t really believe that I could publish a blog in 12 minutes.  He asked me if it was just a matter of publishing an already written blog and I explained that most of the blog was created already, but I always wait until the last minute to add the “Current Knitting” section of the blog.  So I still had to take photos of my WsIP, edit them, post them to the blog and describe my progress.  I also needed to post the new blog link to Facebook with an intriguing “hook” to get more people to click on it!

It actually took me 13 minutes to do all that on Wednesday morning and I was a minute late to meet my friend for breakfast.

My friend does a lot of web site design and development as part of his work, and he kindly offered to help me convert my blog to WordPress if I ever decided to do that.

His offer made me realize quite how easy it has become to use the Blogger platform for blogging and how much it would take to learn a new way of doing things.  But to challenge myself, I may do that anyway and then I’d be MasterBlogger on TWO different blogging platforms!

Current Knitting

The Old Shale Wrap was completed last night!




As with the first Old Shale Wrap, I played yarn chicken with this one, but lost…so it required me to rip out a few rows before binding off.

Otherwise, I’d be a little bit further along on my next Old Shale Wrap.

This one will be in a squashy/pumpkin color I’ll call Squash Blossom.  I figured having three different wraps on display at my two craft shows will look impressive and even if they don’t sell, they should attract a lot of attention to the booth…no?

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