A Little Ruralification


Living in a town on the Delaware River, I am surrounded by many things rural…old towpaths and canals, 4-H fairs, farms and lots of flora and fauna.

Enjoying Local Life

Thaddeus and I recently had a day that included biking along the Delaware/Raritan Canal Towpath, crossing the Delaware River on a pedestrian bridge North of where we live, going to a 4-H Fair and seeing all the flora and fauna that went with it.

The photo above was the vast and varied display of peppers submitted to the 4-H Fair looking to receive (and some actually receiving) prizes for their efforts.  I found the display of vegetables to be almost fairy tale-like in their appearance.

Look at the cabbage head…it was huge and the rich greens in it were remarkable.

On our bicycle rides, we see an area of the county that is rich and verdant at this time of year and is also rich with history and wildlife.

Historic Canal Boats and the Center Bridge Inn (PA)



New Hope/Lambertville Free Bridge (from NJ)
Washington Crossing Ferry House (PA)
We are truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of the country.  It makes exercising a joy.  A friend of mine does web site development for the Delaware River Towns in this area, so check out other beautiful and historic events on their site.
We used to watch a CBS News show on Sunday mornings called CBS Sunday Morning and Charles Kuralt used to end the show with a short video of nature, so I’ll leave you a minute of Delaware River  to reflect and meditate on.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

In Comments, Julie writes, “Joe, since I live in NC, and have no hope of making it to one of your craft shows, I find I must ask the dimensions of the Old Shale Wrap. I absolutely love how both of them have turned out, but have no idea how large they are – it is so hard to try to gauge from the photo. And not only are you a Master Blogger, I think you have some sort of Super Powers to get all of that done before 8:50!! What did you and Thaddeus do, start at 3 am??”
Thank you Julie…I also think the wraps are beautiful and I’m thinking three of them displayed out like flags will get a lot of traffic to my booth!  The wraps are approximately 67″ long and 15″ wide (measured from the top of one scalloped edge to the valley of the one across from it…so it’s wider than 15″ in some lengths of the wrap).

Current Knitting

Progress on the third Old Shale Wrap (in pumpkin spice) continues.
For I included the measuring tape in the photo to give y’all a sense of size/gauge.  I’m not quite half finished with this wrap, but I think I may actually like this one the best so far.

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