Buttons? Pins?

Have you ever noticed that we really don’t have a distinct word for those laminated “buttons” with a pin on the back often used at political rallies?

We Need a New Word

Do you have any suggestions?  I’d like to have a word to describe these little items that the entire English-speaking world should use that would distinguish them from these:

And here’s why…I have recently acquired a very nice set up for making very professional looking 3″ Button Pins.

This equipment…

Takes printed paper…

And makes very nice 3″ diameter pin-on buttons…

If anyone has a need for buttons to be made and it’s for good cause (especially if it’s for RESIST or MoveOn.org, etc.), and you’d be interested in designing a button…I’d be glad to help support that.

The finished button is 3″ in diameter, but it requires a design that is centered on a 3.5″ circle.

Current Knitting

The Old Shale Wrap has grown to about 13″ across (with about 2″ more to go).

Working on these wraps during a time when it feels like it will never be cool again seems insane, but I love how beautifully they’re turning out.

I also decided I liked having an upstairs and a downstairs project, so I started a new Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

I’m using one of the yarns from The Perfect Blend Online web siteDragonfly Pixie is a fantastic single-ply yarn (the darker of the two yarns if you can differentiated them in the scarf).  They will be having a Labor Day sale starting Friday.  If you use the coupon code LABORDAY, it will be 20% off everything on the site.

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