Photo Shoot!


Since I only participate in 2 or 3 artisan/craft shows each year, you’d think photography of my work wouldn’t be very important.

Selective Worries

It seems that 1 or 2 of the shows in which I want to participate are very choosy about who they let in, and the photographs submitted with the application are the only way to represent your work for evaluation by the “jury” of people that decide who participates and who doesn’t.
It also reminds me every time I do this what book publishers go through to try and get worthy photographs to include in their books.
Suffice it to say, I will never be a professional photographer…both because of aptitude and desire.  But I definitely have a small sense about all the work that goes into getting a fine photograph.  Like many efforts in the creative world, it’s about artistry, hard work and luck.

Current Knitting

You’ll have noted by now that I finished the pumpkin spice colored Old Shale Wrap.


The yarn was spun a little finer than the other two colorways of Persimmon Tree yarn, but it’s my favorite lacy, open, drapy fabric of the three.
So, which photos on today’s blog entry would you submit for entry for a Fine Artisan & Craft Show?


I’m thinking this last one shows off the wraps the best, but I’ve also been working on these garments for months, so I may just be tired of looking at them.

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