Union Labor

Happy Labor Day

Just remember that Labor Day received Congressional recognition in 1894 — just six days after President Grover Cleveland sent the military to crush a strike that started at the Pullman railroad car company and spread to the nation’s railroads.

On The Shoulders of Giants

The gains of the workers in this country have been hard fought and difficult and we have all benefitted in many ways for what the unions and the laborers have demanded on our behalf.

In an era where those who labor seem to have the least possible advantages, I take at least a short moment of this holiday to pay tribute to those who fought to give workers in this country a more level playing field, and also ask that you remember just which of your political representatives passed legislation that will put even more power and money into the hands of your overlords (or CEO’s and executives in today’s parlance)…and keep remembering until November, when you’ll have a chance to put representatives in office who can start to rectify the inequities.

So enjoy the three day weekend, but take a moment to savor some of the reforms that came to pass in the era of the first Labor Day celebration: eight-hour workdays, 40-hour work weeks, an end to child labor, workplace safety laws, the occasional three-day weekend.

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Current Knitting

I was able to finish the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.



This one came out quite beautifully.  The Dragonfly Pixie yarn combined with Koigu created a beautifully flat, drapey fabric and the colors are just like I hope for…rich and interesting.

I also stared a new Interlocking Crochet Scarf using just the Dragonfly Pixie yarn.


It’s coming out spectacularly well, but I will definitely have to weigh the yarn to see if I have enough to get a full sized scarf or whether I’ll need to rip back and add a second colorway of yarn to the design.

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