The Magic of Easton Mountain

Easton Mountain in Greenwich, New York is a beautiful and serene place that is perfectly suited for retreating…retreating from your everyday life and retreating to a place of serenity and beauty.

Fosters Community

Each year and each successful retreat makes it more and more obvious that the magic of the events’ successes is the community that gets created…each new group unique and amazing in their own ways.

The porch, the great main room, the little library cove, the sun porch, the back deck and all the nooks and crannies where guys gather to enjoy communing.

Here are some random shots of the guys enjoying the community of fiber-crafting men.

Current Knitting

It’s almost finished…

I just have about 10 inches more to knit on this scarf…not bad, but it took longer than I’d hoped.

But I like how it’s turning out.

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