Next Up…Craft Shows!

With the wildly successful North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat behind us, now I’m focusing on two upcoming craft shows where I’ll be selling my knitwear.


My crafting space in my house contains two storage spaces…one for retreat items (project bags, give-aways, notebooks, tag sale items, yarn, needles, etc.) and another for craft show items (display busts, lighting, tablecloths, receipt pads, DoublePointed banner (see above) and sales inventory (shawls, scarves, hats, shawl pins, etc.).
My storage space and workspaces are very limited, so I can really only focus on one effort at a time.
I’ve organized and stowed the retreat crates and I’ve pulled out the craft show crates to start the current activity.  And the first thing I need to do is inventory what I have so that I can knit things I need to add to inventory.  So far, here’s what I have for sale:
44 Scarves
12 Hats
7 Shawls/Wraps
Various accessories (Shawl Pins, Baby Booties, Baby Blankets, etc)
If you’ve been paying attention at, you’ll note I’ve been working mainly on scarves but I’m realizing I need to make a few more hats, so I’ve begun that process (see Current Knitting below).
Ideally, I’d love to have about 25 hats in inventory, 3 more shawls and 6 more scarves.
Given the schedule, I doubt I’ll accomplish all that:
Flemington Fine Artisans Show – Flemington, NJ – Sunday, October 28th
Prallsville Mills Holiday Fine Crafts & Arts Show – Stockton, NJ – December 8th and 9th
Yes, my first show is at the end of next month, so I have a lot of work to do between now and then.  The two links above are the Facebook events pages, so please indicate interest in attending if you hope to be at either of the two shows…both are exceptionally good shows with beautiful gift ideas for the holidays.

Current Knitting

In addition to adding only a couple of rows to the Biased Garter Scarf, I have also been working on knitting hats.


I’m pretty certain I’ll reach my hat quota for the first craft show but I can’t promise anything about scarves and shawls.  I have a lot of knitting to do.

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