Any MS Expertise Out There?

Anyone out there know how I can convert an Excel list into a grouped/formatted list in Word (or any other type of document)?

What I Want/What I Know

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a list of stores and the city and state they’re in (all made up data).  I need to create a PDF list of these stores, grouped by State and formatted with the Store name on one line and the City, State on the second line and have that show up in columnar format.

I’ve worked with Mailings/Merge documents in Microsoft quite a bit, and I can even create the document above without the Groupings.

I’ve googled a lot of tutorials and most of them are either using old versions of Microsoft products and I don’t know how to translate those to my version (Microsoft Word for Mac, Version 16.16.2, in case that’s useful information).

I’m not familiar with Visual Basic or Macros, but if those skills are necessary, I’d be willing to try and learn enough to accomplish this conversion.

If you’d like to play with the files here are the links to the two test data documents screen printed above:

Download File – Excel file of stores

Download File – Formatted columns of stores in Word

Any hints or tips, greatly appreciated.

Current Knitting

Don’t ask me what I’m thinking, but I saw this hat kit I got as a thank-you gift for leading a workshop at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and I just had to cast on 156 stitches on US 3 needles to start it.

The pattern is Chalbi by Lisa Richardson and it’s knit flat (since it’s striped stockinette stitch, I prefer it this way so I can sew it up with no “jog” in the stripe).  And by the way, this yarn is some of the nicest yarns I’ve ever worked with! It’s Rowan Camello and I will definitely be looking to get more of this.

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