The Twitter of Podcast Apps!

If you know me, you know I can be long-winded and not know when to shut up.

Putting A Cap On It

Thaddeus and I have come up with an ingenious way of stopping each other from boring the shit out of people we meet in social situations.

I am obsessed with yarn and fiber-crafts, Thaddeus is obsessed with foraging for wild mushrooms.

Both topics can be interesting conversations for a brief period of time, so anytime either of us is in a conversation about our respective obsessions, we have given permission to be interrupted after five minutes of blathering on.  Having a maximum quota of five minutes to pontificate helps to stop us from boring others to death with a topic for which they may not share our enthusiasm.

How many of you have listened to Podcasts and have trouble once the podcaster reaches the 5 minute mark and still hasn’t gotten to the topic in which you’re hoping to hear about?

There’s a new app, call Lookwide, that allows for “micro-podcasting.”  The new app will let users record up to 2 minutes of podcast content.  Like Twitter, having a 2 minute limit is extremely helpful for me to be more succinct.  I’m not sure how much I’ll make use of this new functionality to broadcast items I think folks will find interesting…we’ll see how well my first few mini-podcasts go.

My first one is on creative inspiration and reframing the idea of a “blank canvas” into a vision with many creative ideas to choose from.  Listen to it here.

While you’re at it, you may want to follow Doug Upchurch on the app…he has helped large companies with insights into how to be successful at every level and is brilliant and generous in his knowledge sharing.

Current Knitting

It’s been all about hats since the last blog entry.


I finished another Super Chunk Hat by Eric-Jon.  This one uses an alpaca roving yarn and works incredibly well…the pom-pom doesn’t get quite as tight as I’d like, but overall, it’s a beautiful and warm hat.

The West Coast Watch Cap is another done from two different colorways of Noro Kureyon, and the combination is very pleasing to me.


And finally, I’ve made some slow progress on the Chalbi hat and I’m still loving the Rowan yarn.

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