Fall Has Finally Arrived

Yes, and mums and a pumpkin now decorate the front of my house.  And I still detest this season.

Fall – The Season Preceding Winter

I don’t really hate Fall…I hate what it indicates is coming…colder weather.

Out for a bike ride the other day, even the Delaware River is bleeding off it’s excess moisture in the chill of a New Hope morning.

It’s easy to hate pumpkin spice flavoring in everything and I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, so Autumn is my second least favorite season…clearly I hate Winter the most.

Its only redeeming quality is that Thanksgiving falls into…uh…Fall…and I love eating big, satisfying meals that end with a dessert that should taste like pumpkin spice…pumpkin pie.

As I ready myself to hibernate, I will continue to produce knitted items…perhaps even one or two that will keep me warm during the bitter-season.  But for now, I’ll just anticipate Spring with great joy.

Current Knitting

I got to the crown shaping part of the Chalbi Hat and didn’t feel like going upstairs to find the pattern that I left up there, so I started a new project.

I’m using my own handspun yarn (it’s the extra-fine Merino I spun years ago and hand-dyed at Michael’s house).  My dyeing sucks, so it’s way more pastel than I like, so I’m doing a simple garter-bordered rectangular stole in a slightly lacy stitch.  I think I’ll call it the Tutti-Frutti-Stole

With only 14 rows completed (on over 400 stitches), it’s hard to get a sense of what this will end up looking like.

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