Craft Show Preparations

Only doing two craft shows a year, the preparation for the first one is always a major event!

First Craft Show

This Sunday, October 28th will be my first of two craft shows this year where I’ll be selling my knitted items.  There is a LOT to do!

  • Put price tags on all newly knitted items that includes:
    • Price
    • Description
    • Fiber Content
    • Washing Instructions
    • Item number
  • Add all newly knitted items to my Square inventory (the app I use for charge cards)
  • Make sure I have all the supplies on my list of items
  • Prepare all the display items (iron tablecloths, touch-up paint to display busts, etc.)
  • Put logo labels on bags
  • Make sure I have enough singles, fives and tens for cash-paying customers’ change

The list goes on and on, but it’s activity that I enjoy, so it will be a fun-filled week.  But please come say hi and while most of the people that read this blog won’t want to purchase knitted items they could easily make themselves, there are awesome other vendors selling amazing things for gifts or items you will want.

Current Knitting

The Tutti Frutti Stole has gotten virtually no attention and so not enough progress to merit a photo. Here’s a photo of all the items I tagged, priced and inventoried yesterday for the show this weekend.

4 comments on “Craft Show Preparations

    1. Thanks Julie. It always worries me that I won’t be able to replenish stock between this first show and the other show I do the first week in December., so it’s funny you phrased it that way.

  1. Ah, Joe, I simply meant that I hope you have a successful show! It would be a shame if you schlepped all of your merch, and set -up, and heads, and lights, and, and, and, and the no one bought anything!

  2. Thanks Julie…I took your comment as encouraging of a successful show…sorry, I didn’t mean to indicate otherwise. It just struck me as funny given my inner-dialogue about inventory.

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