Overbooked Sunday

Many of you already knew I had a craft show scheduled from 10:00 to 4:00 yesterday (Sunday, October 28th).  Most of you didn’t know however that my niece and godchild, Holly was getting married starting at 4:00 yesterday in a venue about an hour from where I lived.

Crunch Time

I couldn’t miss Holly and Nick’s wedding celebration, but I recognized that I had double-booked a period of time too late to let the craft show organizer know without probably being banned from the show in the future.

I figured that best I could do was to let my niece know I would be late to the wedding and and try timing it perfectly so that I would be less than two hours late to her wedding.

Surprising, my planning was perfect and I arrived at her wedding about 1.5 hours late, which is miraculous since I wasn’t technically allowed to  start packing up my booth until 4:00, it takes me 20 minutes to drive home and then I had to get dressed for the wedding.

I surreptitiously started packing up at 3:30 and ended up getting my entire booth packed up by 4:05

I made it home by 4:25 and was dressed and ready by 4:35

We drove to the wedding venue and got there with no missteps by 5:30

I missed the wedding ceremony (I was told it was beautiful).

I was seated and ready when the bridal party entered the reception and was very glad to get to participate in all the festivities.

Holly and Nick for the first dance
Holly and Nick with the father of the bride (my brother) Bill

Getting to spend time with my niece and my family was worth all I had to do to get there (sorry to keep making this all about me).  A good time was had by all.

More About Me

The craft show yesterday was very good…a little less successful than last year, but the sales were pretty constant and many attendees were very complimentary of my work.

All-in-all I was quite pleased to have been able to do both, but I have to say, I was exhausted when I finally fell into bed that night…physically and emotionally spent.

Current Knitting

I knit a total of 17 stitches on my current project…I’ll post photos next time.

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