Opposite Theory

Since the blog has been redesigned and now that voting is in full swing for the mid-term elections here in the U.S., I thought I’d share two of my inner-dialogue theories that might seem counter-intuitive.

Pushing Back

Many folks who practice martial arts have said for years that using force can be used against you. I’ve found this concept to be true in two areas:

  1.  Knocking done opponents’ political signs – So each year as more and more political signs pop up on the corners and intersections of roads and along pathways and in front of homes, I’ve found the the politician with the most signs knocked over by their opponents usually wins.  I’m not sure if it’s because the people who knock over signs are more desperate and feel like they must reduce the exposure of their opponents or if it’s just a coincidence, but that is my experience.
  2. Putting Pop-Ups on your web site or blog push more people away than they attract.  When I redesigned the blog recently, I had the option of having one of those “Subscribe to my Blog” forms slide across the screen, but honestly, I hate those fucking things.  Just a click and they’re gone, but they make me dislike the web site that forces me to make just one small click to delete it.  And I NEVER take the advice of a pop-up on a web site.  Yet since I’ve published the newly formatted blog, there have been dozens of you who have subscribed (thank you!).  I don’t know how many I already have, but as of this writing, I had over 400 people subscribed.

I realized back in 2016 when the nightmare happened in this country, that as I drove through some of the more rural parts of Pennsylvania that Donald was going to win the election…I just recognized that there were no amount of political signs I could topple over that would erase this fraud’s face from the minds of the ignorant people voting for him.  And, in fact, any energy I put in to blur his public profile, somehow only succeeded in feeding it.

So now I just notice and take an informal count of knocked over signs and if my theory is right, Democrats in my area seem to be doing well.  I’ll give an update after Tuesday.

Current Knitting

I started a new hat design by Eric-Jon called Wobbly Toddler.



It’s been challenging an fun now that I’ve started the color/pattern-work.  I can definitely NOT work on this one when I’m tired.

I’ve also done some minimal new work on the Tutti Frutti Stole.

This is about 8 inches (yeah, they all say that) and I will probably end up doing twice that width for the stole if I can stand working on it for that long.

6 comments on “Opposite Theory

  1. I definitely agree with you about the web site pop ups. I also have to agree on the notion that people who do the political sign damage usually see their candidate lose. I am truly disgusted with the path frump has taken this country down. Now to get down to knitting like the had project you just started, the tutti fruiti stole is not my favorite. Started on a hoodie sweater from top down one piece. Was going to spin yarn for this project but found some lightweight wool fairly cheap. Also trying to stick to Portuguese method(which I just learned)

    1. Thanks for your thoughts…would love to see photos of your hoodie and find out how you’re enjoying forced Portuguese method training. Like you, I’m not liking the Tutti Frutti Stole…but I’m hoping after it’s finished and blocked, it will be acceptably nice looking to sell.

  2. I’ve never seen a campaign sign knocked over. Do the people with signs here just set them back up right away or what? I’ve lived in Illinois, California and Texas and have never seen a campaign sign knocked over. Huh.

  3. I’ve never seen a campaign sign knocked over. Do the people with signs here just set them back up right away or what? I’ve lived in Illinois, California and Texas and have never seen a campaign sign lying down. Huh.

    1. Your site is being weird with me! It rejected my first comment so I edited it and tried again and it posted both of them. Sorry for the almost-duplicate.

      1. Thanks for letting me know…I’ll take a look and see if it’s doing it with anyone else and try to see what’s causing it. In answer to your question, I have personally felt so frustrated with people supporting asshole candidates, that I’ve wanted to knock down lawn signs (or bigger signs) in the past…I didn’t, but I really wanted to, so I imagine there are quite a few people that do.

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