Blog Conversion – Neverending

Seems that converting 16 years of blog entries from Blogger to WordPress isn’t quite as simple as I’d hoped.

What Converts – What Doesn’t

The first thing I noticed that didn’t really convert over from Blogger was the concept of a “Featured Photograph” for each blog entry.

The “theme” I chose for my blog shows a short summary listing of blog entries and a photograph to illustrate what that blog entry is about. The photo that shows on that summary listing is the “Featured Photograph” and since the conversion process I used didn’t convert any photos to the new WordPress environment, I have been manually editing blog entries to add a Featured Photograph so that the summary listing looks complete and doesn’t show this:

QueerJoe summary featured images

Not to be too technical (yet), the current HTML code for my converted photos looks like this:

And the HTML code for any newly posted photos looks like this: the Office.jpg

It’s possible to download all the blog photos for the last 16 years from the Blogger server and upload them to the WordPress server and then modify the HTML code to point to the photo on the new server, but to manually do that to thousands and thousands of photos is way more work then I’m willing to do. Fortunately (kind of) there is a “Search and Replace” feature in WordPress that lets me go into the bowels of the coding and search out all the Blogger HTML code and change it to the new format, but honestly, I’m not sure if I can figure out the search expressions and replace them correctly.

I’ve had five failed attempts at it so far, and I think I might just give up and hope my blogspot photos stay out there for as long as my blog exists.

Current Knitting

I focused solely on the Spring Garden Stole (my new name for the Tutti Frutti Stole, since it looks like a young, newly sprouting garden in the Spring…no?).

Spring Garden Stole 11-05-18 02

I was hoping to finish this beast last night, but I still have about one more 12-row repeat and the garter stitch edging to go.  I’m also liking it a little better, although the photos suck today.

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