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YouTube Subscription Levels

Do you publish videos on YouTube?  Did you know that as the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel reaches certain levels, there are extra benefits you have available to you?

Graphite – less than 1,000

  • Creator Studio access (upload, edit videos…minimal functionality)

Opal – 1,000+

  • Creator Day invites
  • Use of metadata, collaborations, captions and promotional tools (like broadcasting messages to all your subscribers)

Bronze – 10,000+

  • Production Access -YouTube Space production benefits, including premium soundstage access, hosting your own events and more.
  • Enter NextUp – Eligible creators can enter the YouTube NextUp Contest. Winners get help with new equipment and a spot at a week-long creator camp at their nearest YouTube Space.

Silver and Up – 100,000

  • Creator Awards – Silver Creator Award (1 million subscribers, a Gold Creator Award, 10 million subscribers, a glittering Diamond Creator Award).
  • Get a Partner Manager – Your own YouTube partner manager to help to develop your channel with a load of different tools
  •  Maximum Production Access – YouTube Space benefits including access to premium stages, special production programs and hosting events for your biggest fans

The only reason I’m aware of all this is that I exceeded 1,000 subscribers somewhat recently, which I have to believe is based on some Russian troll farm trying to undermine U.S. sovereignty or something.

I vaguely remember when singer/songwriter Tom Goss was nearing the 10,000 subscriber threshold, he indicated he’d have superpowers and then he started producing extremely professional music videos.

So, if you want to see QueerJoe start doing such appealing “professional” knitting videos, start getting your friends to subscribe to my channel…then again, I might require a bit of cosmetic surgery too, so we may need a GoFundMe page as well.

Current Knitting

Work continues on the two-color garter stole.

Garter Stole Knit


It’s looking better and better as I continue (it doesn’t photograph very well, to be honest), and I think this one will sell quickly at the show.

I also started a new Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

Knitted Cross Stitch 11-28-18 01


Knitted Cross Stitch 11-28-18 01

This one is using two very dark and broody yarns that I think might be very popular too.

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