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QueerJoe’s secret for making routine, annoying, and/or painful tasks into pleasant activities?  Find someone you trust AND like to perform them.

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In the last 24 hours, I had my periodontal teeth cleaning and a flu shot, and I enjoyed both activities.

I’ve had dentists in the past who I really trusted and enjoyed, but at my current dental practice, I see WAY more of the hygienist than I do of the dentist.  My hygienist, Tonya, is incredibly good at what she does, and she is a pleasure to be around as a person.  The combination made my teeth cleaning enjoyable.  It wasn’t just “not bad”…it was actually an experience I enjoyed.

Similarly, I got my flu shot today.

My old employer had prescription coverage that required me to go to CVS for all my prescriptions to be considered “in network” and my local CVS pharmacy sucks.  They have one very nice pharmacist, but a couple others that aren’t bad, but definitely aren’t personable.  I think it’s the environment…it’s chaotically busy, the crowded customer waiting area is filled with some of the most unpleasant people you can imagine, and the people staffing the cash register are constantly stymied by a shitty system  that tries to combine, point-of-sale, coupon management, credit card processing and prescription administration.  The place is also a dump and they just refurbished the entire store.

Fortunately, I have insurance that allows me to go back to my grocery chain pharmacy, Giant.  They have two pharmacists who are incredibly diligent and smart.  They are both incredibly efficient and have great processes in place for anything related to the pharmacy.  I got my shot from Steve this morning and it was one of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had so far today.

So, for those tasks you dread, see if you can’t find someone to perform them who is trustworthy, talented and enjoyable to be around.  It makes all the difference for me.

Current Knitting

Busy on the knitting front…I finished a Hunter’s Cap today in bright green.

Hunters Cap 12-05-18 01

My camera has no ability to capture this bright, vivid green…even with editing the photo afterwards, but it’s a great color.

I also decided I needed to get my circular sock knitting machine back into action so, I used to crank out an infinity scarf.

The grafting of the ends of the knitted tube together took WAY longer than it took to crank out the scarf itself.  I love that the yarn has a bit of sparkle in it (which the camera is famous for not being good at capturing).

Cranked Infinity Scarf 12-05-18 02

Finally, I did a little more work on the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

Knitted Cross Stitch 12-05-18 02

I still have a bit more knitting to do for my craft show this weekend, but I’m feeling quite comfortable with my level of inventory.

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    1. I was concerned it would look like a long stocking wrapped around the neck if I used the “right” side out. Harder to graft together on the wrong side, but only because I’m less used to it b

  1. Ironically, I am far better at purl kitchener stitch, as I finish up my CSM socks inside out. I have to look up the knit version every time.

    1. I am HIGHLY envious of that skill…it will take a while of watching YouTube tutorials for me to get good at that. I also just saw a video of Eric Wolff closing a toe on a sock (I think you have to be a member of Circulars Sock Knitters 2.0 on Facebook to be able to access the link below) and I am in awe…it’s amazing how easily I can feel so inexperienced. –

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