Prallsville Mill Craft Show Layout 1st Floor 2018

Craft Show 2018 – The Sequel

After a very hectic one-day craft show last month in Flemington, I’m looking forward to a leisurely, enjoyable time of socializing with other artisans and people doing holiday shopping at Prallsville Mill in Stockton, NJ this weekend.


Yes, all of my items are both ready-to-wear and ready for purchase.

Craft Show Items Random 12-07-18

Well, almost.  I still have to put price tags on any new items I’ve finished since my last craft show last year and I have to add them into inventory on my POS system (Point-of-Sale…not Piece of Shit), so that I can quickly sell items and provide instant receipts for them.

Historically, I don’t do very well at this show, and largely I think it’s because the organizers don’t do a whole lot to promote it.  In this day and age, promotion of an event like this takes a slow-mounting bombardment of reminders to as wide a population of people as possible.

This year, they will have an on-site food vendor, complimentary wine and cheese and horse and carriage rides available, which will hopefully bring a few more people to the event.

I’m still setting my expectations low and remembering I don’t rely on craft show sales to keep me in groceries…thank Dog.

Current Knitting

I finished two more Hunter’s Caps since Wednesday.

Hunters Caps 12-07-18

So, with the original neon orange cap and the neon green (no, the camera doesn’t get the idea of “neon” very well…I know), I’ll have a few bright caps to catch the eye of potential shoppers this weekend.  I’m hopeful to finish the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf and knit two more Hunter’s Caps by tomorrow…what do you think my chances are?  Nil?  Yeah, me too.

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