Blog Vomit

Blog Vomit

So much to write about and no coherent way to express it except just heave it out there.

Regurgitated Bits

Just like you can spot various things you’ve eaten the past 24 hours, this blog post will let you spot topics that should have been covered recently, but got overridden by other priorities.

Craft Show Detritus

Craft Show Items Random 12-07-18

Participating in a craft show isn’t just knitting lots of pretty things, displaying them under klieg lights and accepting generous compliments and cash from shoppers.  It’s all about schlepping tables and displays into a cramped venue, getting organized, having your credit card processing software ready and willing and making sure you have lots of singles and fives and tens for those who pay cash.  It’s packing it all back up and jamming it into a vehicle to transport home and then schlepping it to where you can re-open all the boxes and crates to organize the mess, take inventory, and update financial spreadsheets to make sure you can file taxes correctly.

I’m at the stage where it’s all sitting quietly awaiting re-inventorying and I still have to update the spreadsheets.  Of course I have to start to replenish the inventory for next year.

Men’s Knitting Retreat

This is the time of year that I love the most when it comes to the retreat (other than the retreat itself!).  I’m setting up the website for registration which opens in 25 days.  That process begins the hectic season that starts the 2019 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.  If you know of any men who knit (or who would like to learn to knit), let them know about the registration time (Saturday, January 5, 2019).  Or nominate them for a scholarship for the retreat this year.  There’s also the option right now to register for the 2019 Men’s Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat

Antique Sock Knitting Machine

Gearhart CSM Cranker

While I was successfully able to crank out an infinity scarf on the old Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine, I wasn’t able to get a second one out of it and I definitely need to re-adjust the machine to be able to do ribbing.  More about that in a future episode of QueerJoe.

Blog Admin

Subscribe Panel

In a prior blog entry, a commenter noted they’re no long being e-mailed when a new blog entry gets posted.  Seems when I made some change to the blog, I deleted the ability to “Subscribe” to QueerJoe and I also deleted anyone who had signed up for blog notification e-mails.  I’ve reinstated the functionality, but unfortunately, you’ll need to re-subscribe if you want to be notified via e-mail about blog posts.

Current Knitting

One of the better selling items were simple garter stoles done in intricate striped colorways, so I started a new one using some left over yarns.

Garter Stole 12-11-18

There will probably be a dozen or so similar stoles at my first show of 2019, so I’ll have plenty of time to do a lot of mindless knitting between more interesting projects.

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