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Men Knitting on Retreat

This is the time of year where my Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat begins!

January Begins my Schedule for May

I know the actual retreat isn’t until May, but registration opens 3 week from this past Saturday. So in a couple of Saturdays, 40 guys will fill the ranks of the 2019 retreat.

So if you want to attend, or if you know a guy who might want to attend, have them add the registration event to their calendar.

Once you’re registered, you’ll quickly become part of the community of amazing guys who:

  • Experience the serenity, vitality and joy of Easton Mountain with 40 or so other knitters
  • Volunteer to lead workshops in many areas of fiber-expertise
  • Offer rideshares to and from the retreat center
  • Enthusiastically welcome newbies (ramkins) into the circle of trust
  • Participate in an amazing time at a beautiful venue
  • Share freely of their knowledge, fun and experience

So, see…the retreat really does start on January 5th for many of us!

If you’d prefer to visit San Juan Island or the Rocky Mountains  those two retreats have already begun (or at least guys have registered!).

And if finances might be an issue feel free to nominate yourself or someone you know for a scholarship to the retreat.

Current Knitting

Some progress was made on the most recent Garter Stripe Scarf.

Garter Scarf 12-17-18

You might note that this project has been downgraded from a “Stole” to a “Scarf” and that’s solely because I don’t think I’ll have enough of the brighter colored yarn to make it to 12 inches wide. So this will end up being a generously long and wide scarf.

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