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2018 is Fading Beautifully

Merry Christmas and wishing you all a healthy and joyous 2019.  As Thaddeus and I spend time with family, I’ll try and keep you updated on the knitting and other activities that are keeping me busy.  For Christmas Eve, I review a new gem of a book.

Do you call if ombre? Is it fade? Or do you use the term from the book I’m reviewing today…gradient?

Book Review – Gradient Style

Gradient Style edited by Kerry Bogert is a compilation of information, techniques and patterns using yarns that gradually shift between different colors throughout the length of the yarn. And that includes both gradual color changes and darkness/lightness change using the same color.


From a techniques and background information perspective, the book is excellent.  Emma Welford takes you through commercially dyed gradient yarns to creating your own.  She also does a very good, succinct job of color design theory which I found useful.  I particularly like that she included the use of mottled/spotted dyed yarns in blending with other colorways.


The Projects section of the book is filled with designers that are mostly new to me.  Typically when I review a book, I go through and pick out my three favorite designs.  After I did that, I went back to find out two of the projects were from the two more well-known designers (to me).

Honestly, I had no idea my friend Kyle had designed a project for the book, but I picked it immediately as my favorite.  I didn’t realize it was his design until I went to document the photo with a caption.

Gradient Style Spectrum Hat - Book Review
Spectrum Hat by Kyle Kunnecke

I’m a huge fan of the vibrant color choices he used in this stranded knitting hat.  This is definitely a project I’ll be making.

My second favorite was another hat by a designer I hadn’t heard of before.  I particularly love acidy, saturated greens and yellow-greens.  These pony-tail hats seem to be in high demand, so the pattern will be a useful one for many

Cabled Hat by Karen Bourquin

Finally, my third choice is an unusual choice for me, but I really love it.

Gradient Style Shape Shifter Scarf
Shape Shifter Scarf by Natalie Servant

Natalie has used a very basic, simple idea for the Shape Shifter Scarf.  It’s one of those ideas I am envious that I didn’t come up with myself.  Not my typical favorite, I even like the color choices for this garment.

There are a total of 19 projects in this book.  The retail price is US$26.99, but readily available for under $20.  It’s an Interweave publication, so the quality is good.  I would definitely recommend including this book in your knitting library.

I’m always curious if folks take my recommendations!

Current Knitting

Finally, the Garter Scarf is finished.

Garter Scarf 12-22-18 01

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out…soft, warm and VERY long.

It turned out to be 7 inches wide and 84 inches long.  While I decided what to knit next, I did a bit more work on Dolores’ red and white striped scarf.

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