Top Posts of 2018

Highlights 2018

If it’s good enough for the news shows, it’s good enough for QueerJoe. Here’s a look back at another amazing year of knitting, queer issues and personal growth. What were your top moments for the past year?

Top Moments 2018

Fuck Trump IllusionMastered Illusion Knitting

Tolstoy IgnoranceQueerJoe let go of his fear of ignorance

Indie DyersRealized I NEVER want to dye yarn for a living

millard-01_origThe knitting community lost a beloved member

Sam BarskyQueerJoe admitted something that turned out to be incredibly controversial about another knitter…who knew

millard-02_origNew Scholarship Fund set up in Millard’s name

MSKR 2015 - Joe arrival11th Annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat was a success

Sorry and WhinyI recognize that I’ve acted in a very misogynistic way…huge growth moment

Star Fleet Dog Sweater 01QueerJoe knits his first dog sweater and it’s fantastic!

productivityThree-part series on progress – the benefits and the downfalls

Best September yet! – First ever Northeast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat, new interchangeable needles that changed my knitting life and more

Blogging-PlatformsQueerJoe moved to a WordPress platform (still migrating parts of the old blog!)

Web Conversion Voting Knitting ConglomerationHistoric election

Did I miss any of your favorite/most controversial/helpful/educational/etc. blog posts this past year?

Current Knitting

On my current Project, the Briyoke Sweater by Stephen West, I had almost finished the raglan shaping when I realized I should probably count stitches to make sure I was on-track for setting up for the body and I realized I had made a mistake early on in the raglan increases.

The increases should have looked like this:

Briyoke Raglan Increases 01

But they looked like this:

Briyoke Raglan Increases 02

<sigh> – But fortunately, I love knitting brioche, so I ripped back to the lighter section of knitting and re-started the raglan shaping.

Briyoke 12-31-18

At the same time, I decided to make the dark stripe at the bottom of the yoke a single color and switched the green yarn to be the fore-ground color on the raglan and body of the sweater and I’ve moved to one needle and it’s moving much faster.  I’m liking it all much better, so everything turned out well.

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