2019 MSKR Triptych

Excitement Builds

Aaron beat me to it in his blog entry early this morning…but scooping me doesn’t lessen the excitement of the upcoming event!  The first Saturday morning of each year is when we open registration for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and it’s always a very busy time.

What’s In Store?

Retreat Information

The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat is scheduled for May (Thursday, May 16 through Sunday, May 19). The options for rooming accommodations are:

  • a bed in a quad room (two bunk beds/four guys sharing a room with a bathroom),  or
  • a bed in a semi-private room (two beds/two guys sharing a room with a  bathroom)

The retreat sold out completely in as quick as 8 minutes in the past. So there are a lot of guys waiting at their computer on the first Saturday morning of each year wearing out the “refresh button” on their computer.  Also, the semi-private accommodations are highly sought after and sell out almost immediately.

Preparation Tasks

So…what does that mean for me?  Here are my tasks in preparation for the opening of registration this coming Saturday:

  1. I create a PayPal button for a $300 downpayment that only allows the first 40 guys to purchase
  2. A private web page for downpayment/registration that only I can access until Saturday is created
  3. I create an e-mail campaign to an e-mail list of about 300 guys who want to be notified about registration openings
  4. I create a Facebook posting for the MSKR group on Facebook to notify guys how and when to register
  5. A similar Ravelry forum posting for the MSKR 2019 forum on Ravelry to notify guys how and when to register is created
  6. On the morning of, I publish the web page as “public” and update the menu so the registration page is available to anyone
  7. I update all of the group and forum notifications on Facebook and Ravelry
  8. 300 e-mails with notifications of guys how and when to register are e-mailed out

And the last 3 items on the list have to all be done at EXACTLY the same time 🙂

Suffice it to say, this week is a very busy one for me, and Saturday morning I am laser-focused on synchronizing everything.

Interested?  Know Someone Who Is?

Do you know anyone that wants to register for this year’s retreat in May?

They can:

Hopefully this time next week there will be about 40 very excited men looking forward to May!

Current Knitting

How many of the regular blog readers remember this project?

Tilt Cardigan 01-02-19

This is a Rowan design I started in September of 2015 called Tilt by Lisa Richardson. It’s stranded knitting, knit flat and I’ve just begun shaping at the arm holes.  As a Whip the WIP project, I will be committed to finishing this beautiful garment.

I’ve also made some progress on the Briyoke sweater.

Briyoke 01-02-19 01

I’m much more pleased with the colorway placement now that I’ve re-knit the raglan shaping (which will be the same two colorways as the body and sleeves of the sweater.

3 comments on “Excitement Builds

  1. As a 60-something woman, the only time I ever experience penis-envy is when you post about the Men’s Knitting Retreats! They look like a little slice of heaven and I get a vicarious sense of community reading about them and seeing the pictures, even knowing I can never be a part of it. Congratulations for creating something that is so meaningful to so many!

  2. I was thinking along the same lines as Donna. I seldom wish I was a man but the MSKR? I would kill to go. It is a contributing factor to why I’m a longtime “Joe” fan! I love that you go through all the steps to make it happen and get excited knowing that, while exhausting, this event gives you energy back!

    1. The popularity of the men’s knitting retreats has extended to the non-men populations since its inception. Part of the magic of the retreats is taking away the “otherness” of being a man who knits…everyone at the event is on a more level footing when there is no special aspect to being a man in the knitting community…that one difference seems to make for a much more magical experience. Even well-known members of the men’s knitting community come to “retreat” from their public persona and just kick back and enjoy the community. It’s truly quite amazing.

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