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  1. Hi Joe, excuse the nitpicking but I think you mean supply and not demand in your first line.
    Your brioche sweater is looking beautifully squishy.

  2. Joe
    Many thanks for this blog entry about Ann Northrop. I have always enjoyed reading
    your blog and your knitting updates. Back in the eighties I was devastated by the AIDS
    epidemic. I could not imagine mostly men being disowned by their families. It just broke my heart. Fast forward years and I have a gay son who is wonderful man. I worried about him but thankfully he did not encounter very much harassment. I live in London Ontario, a very conservative city so I always enjoy seeing activists put their heart in soul into it.
    Thank you
    Marion Shaw

  3. Having just seen “Bohemian Rhapsody”, I find this particularly poignant. When AIDS first started making the headlines, I remember reading some of the original journal articles describing the search and identification of HIV, and then then the devastating, cynical, hypocritical comments from Conservative, faux-Christian, shallowly principled loudmouths: reading and remembering how cruel, how hateful, etc.

    Obviously Joe’s a knitter; my parents had a friend in New Mexico who had been an extremely successful business man and professed one day at lunch, back in the early ‘80s, that he was a “closet knitter”; I love doing things with my hands and would probably be good at, and enjoy, knitting!!!

    What the heck? I’ve gone from AIDS to knitting, but that’s because both topics were woven out of this thread!

  4. Joe, your sweater is coming along wonderfully. I tried to learn brioche, but started with a 2 color brioche class, which was above the ability of my 70-year-old-brain to process. Have never given it another try, but you may inspire me. I especially love the neckline of this pattern. Can’t wait to see you model it!

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