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One of Each Please!

Ever start collecting multiple pieces in a set and get obsessed with having one of each?

Worthless Unless Complete!

Years ago, my mother started collecting pieces of “fine china” at the grocery store. It wasn’t fine and it probably wasn’t china. But she like the pattern and sometimes got free items if she bought enough groceries.  With 7 children, she was always buying “enough groceries!”

I can still remember how glorious the set looked displayed in her formal dining room in the lighted china display. It was also satisfying to have collected a full 12-piece setting and all the side pieces.

Lately, I am compelled in much the same way to have a full to complement of all the Dolores outfits from Franklin and WEBS.

Dolores Collection WEBS

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not sure when I’ll ever finish knitting up all the outfits, but I want to make sure I CAN.  So, of course, I just ordered the most recent Sun Goddess Bikini and Beach Robe outfit (designed by Franklin himself).  And it arrived WAY too fast.

Dolores Beach Kit 01-07-18

Fortunately, like baby clothes, these items knit up rather quickly, but I still haven’t finished the holiday outfit designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

Current Knitting

Making some intermittent progress on the Briyoke sweater.

Briyoke 01-07-18 02

There’s over 5 inches of lower-body completed so far (towards approximately 14 inches).  I have to say, this project has been a lot of fun to knit and it makes me understand the appeal of brioche that has been more prevalent in the knitting world lately.

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  1. I love Franklin Habit’s Delores cartoon. I’m not a knitter. I crochet, but I still enjoy seeing your needlework and especially sense of humor. I desperately wish Delores was available in crochet!

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