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I Take No Pleasure

It’s looking more and more likely that Donald and some of his family maybe heading to jail.  This isn’t a joyful thing for most liberals, it’s just the right thing.

Not A Threat

Unlike that heinous chant at Trump rallies of “Lock her up!”, justice for Donald isn’t about retribution.  I don’t shout with glee about how Donald deserves to be jailed.  It’s not like throwing a stone, aiming for your head that I warn Donald supporters to be ready for bad news.

Trump supporters used the threat of locking up an opponent as something to scare Clinton and her supporters.  For me it worked.  Especially when Donald was elected.  It scared me to think that they might actually do something that might unjustly punish Clinton.  I know it wasn’t likely he could, but he’s done some pretty awful things.  He’s flouted convention many times in his two years or so in office and this could have been another one of his deplorable acts.

So, I don’t want Donald’s supporters to feel threatened by his potential imprisonment.  But I did think they should know that it’s becoming more and more proven every day that he has done much that would put any other citizen behind bars.  His kids too.

Think about the fact that his personal lawyer is going to jail for three years for doing Donald’s bidding.  Even if everything Cohen did was a rogue act that he did on his own, it’s still likely Donald and his kids did much worse.

I know nothing’s been proven yet, but I’m convinced it will be.

I don’t want Donald supporters to have the “punched in the gut” feeling when they hear he or his kids are going to prison.  So get ready for the worst.  And if you need someone to talk to about it, there are plenty of abused snowflakes like me who will be glad to empathize with your trauma.

Current Knitting

Glad to report that I’m continuing to make great progress on my Briyoke sweater.

Yes, I’ve finished the first sleeve.  I’ve also confirmed that with a shirt underneath the sweater, the fit is roomy, but not overly huge.  I’m still not quite sure I don’t look like either a clown without makeup or Ruth Bader Ginsberg on her way to the bench, but I think I’m pleased.  The sweater is soft and squishy and warm.

2 comments on “I Take No Pleasure

  1. It’s hard to sympathize with someone who thinks wealth and privilege along with lack of empathy and decency is okay.

    Taking the time and effort to knit something beautiful and useful is great!

    1. Sympathizing and empathizing are different. I am really angry that there are so many stupid and/or hateful people in this country. But I still don’t wish them pain. I’d prefer That they learn and grow from the experience rather than be resentful and angry.

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