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HATE Being Fooled

Did you ever accidentally click on the wrong option and enrolled yourself in some on-line offer by accident?  Does this EVER work for on-line companies?


A month ago, I ordered some things from Amazon.  Thaddeus took hours researching various products and grouping the items in one order so that we could get free shipping on the order.

Yes, one of the items was this little lime-squeezing beauty hecho en México. We did get this and LOVE it btw.

Thaddeus watched carefully as I added his EXACT three items to the Amazon shopping cart. He made sure I chose the correct vendors for each item. He confirmed that all of the items were eligible for free shipping.

Once he was sure, I had the correct items ordered, he left me to my own devices to complete the order.  All was fine until I hit this lovely page.

Amazon Prime Shipping Options

Clearly, I should have chosen the second option, but I must have chosen the first option by accident.

It should have been a warning when the items starting arriving with “Amazon Prime” tape all over the boxes, but I ignored all the warnings.

Fortunately, I get notified when any on-line charges come through on my credit card, and this morning I woke to a $13.77 charge to the credit card from Amazon Prime.

It wasn’t overly difficult to cancel the unwanted service (other than having to go through three web pages to get the cancellation and then three additional web pages to confirm cancellation).

Amazon Prime Cancellation

It also requires that I wait about 3 days to be refunded.  But I can’t imagine that this is how it should be done.  For me, it just makes me dig in my heels and resolve NEVER to become an Amazon Prime member.  Shady practices of getting people registered for services like this always seem to make me trust that company less.

Current Knitting

I bound off the first sleeve on Briyoke.

Briyoke 01-23-19

I picked up the stitches and began the second sleeve.  And then I got a request for a West Coast Watch Cap for the guy that cuts Thaddeus’ hair.  Clearly this required that I drop everything and knit two options for this important person in our lives.

West Coast Watch Caps 01-23-19 02

Honestly, Glen has purchased probably about a dozen of these knitted caps in the past and asked me if I could make one to some specific instructions.  Which, of course, I was glad to do.  As soon as I finish the second hat, I’ll be finishing Briyoke.

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  1. I have knitted several watch hats for men undergoing chemotherapy who are unaccustomed to being bald. Everyone is tuned in to women and knitting chemo hats for them, but I see almost nothing for the men in similar situations. They are a pleasure to knit because they are fast, and they must be incredibly soft so as to not irritate the scalp. Win-win all around. Maybe some of your retreat men would be interested in doing this for friends and acquaintances.

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