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The Aging of a Face

Have you ever noticed that looking older comes in stages…not gradually? You look at someone one day and they look as young as always. The next week you think, “Wow, they got old.”

Face Aging Factors

Gray hair and wrinkles are probably the most obvious changes that most people notice.  There are also some other signs of aging we see in a face.  Looser skin at the neck, hair loss, sagging eyelids, and greying of facial hair are some that come to mind.

I Got Old in The Last Six Years

The Before and After photos above are me from 2013 and today.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for good genes and that I didn’t go directly from boyish to decrepit in one big swoop of aging.

I’ve obviously noticed each sign of aging as it appears.  But in the last couple of years, others have noticed that I’ve reached the stage of old man as well.  In one fell swoop!

I’m not sure if it was one specific thing that changed that made it obvious I am now old or a combination, but here are the changes I’ve noticed most:

  • Sunspots on my skin – from WAY too much sun tanning in my youth
  • Heavier upper eyelid
  • Looser skin on my neck
  • Crépey skin under my eyes
  • Greyer hair
  • Slightly higher hairline

Those are all the things that are most obvious (at least to me).  But the one thing that isn’t obvious, but is probably the thing that ages me most is a grayer pallor in my face.  Yes, my eyebrows and facial hair (even though I shave) make me look grayer.

I’ll repeat again, that I’m grateful for my looks.  For a man who is about to turn 60 in a couple of months, I have no complaints.  And this isn’t fishing for compliments.  I’ll also say, it’s MUCH less difficult aging as a man than as a woman.  And less expensive.  Even as a gay man, I don’t get the constant message that I must do something to look younger.  Like most women do.

Current Knitting

One repeat at a time!  I’m continuing to make steady progress on my Tilt Cardigan!

You’ll note below, I’ve completed almost 14 inches of knitting.

With just about 2 more inches to go before shaping for the front opening and the arm holes, I’m almost there!

1 comment on “The Aging of a Face

  1. Hahaha! You offered 6 physical changes. I challenge you to highlight 6 life changes that have happened over the last 6 years. No claiming retirement—that would be cheating.

    Being a blog reader, fellow knitterand cat lover, here are milestones from the last 6 years that stick out in my mind:

    Legally married
    Added a second MKR
    Home more
    Increased espresso skill without working for Starbucks
    Purchased a new car

    The one physical difference between your pics that I noticed that you failed to mention: your eyes are smiling now. #priceless

    As I decluttered legal documents last year, I ran across my college id and DL. Chuckling, I handed them to my husband. “Wow! You were hot. What happened?” LOL

    Age happens and I can testify to the wonder that are a good colorist and hair foils.

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