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Slow Fiber

The first time you walk along a route that previously had only been driven, you see a LOT more details about the route.  Spinning is like that for me with fiber arts.

The Walking of Fiber Arts

When I spin yarn, I have a much more detailed view and feel of the yarn.  I can feel ever nepp, knot and noil that pass through my fingers.  Each individual ply can be seen distinctly.  The crimp of the fiber can register in my mind as it goes from roving to single ply.

Yes, different fibers have a definitely feel to them when knitting.  But when spinning that distinction in feel is very distinct and concrete.

Is it spongey, or coarse, or waxy.  Does it have give or is it tight.

All of these feel-factors have a distinct impact on how I draft fiber when I’m spinning.  The process of spinning demands a “being present” so that I can spin a yarn that’s right for the fiber.

I had been away from spinning for a bit.  Plying a new batch of the Rowan yarn with a darker strand on my spinning wheel made me recall what I was missing.  So I decided to start spinning that gorgeous fiber from Tommy’s Minnesota Woolen Mill.

I know time-lapse video doesn’t really satisfy the slow, zen-like quality that I get from spinning, but blog readers don’t want to watch 10 minutes of spinning.  At least in my experience they don’t.

Strangely enough, knitting doesn’t give me that same slowjoy.  Knitting is more bicycle speed for me.  Whereas spinning is more leisurely and lets me observe more.

How about you?

Current Knitting

Two or three steps forward and a step or two back on the Tilt Cardigan.

Tilt Cardigan 02-25-19

Tilt Cardigan 02-25-19

I’ve realized that can’t go on complete auto-pilot with this knitting.  I’ll realize that I went off-pattern a row or two back and have to tink back.  I don’t know if the process of knitting would meet the “brings joy” criteria, but I’m pretty certain the finale sweater will.

3 comments on “Slow Fiber

  1. Spent the afternoon in your wonderful town on Sunday attending the Playhouse and then a walk around.
    Couldn’t resist buying a cabled dress/coat from the Irish-Iberian shop next to the Playhouse.
    You are lucky to live in a truly charming place.

  2. I’m loving the Tilt Cardigan!

    I’ve only tried spinniing with a drop spindle, not with a wheel, and I really felt it wasn’t for me.

    But, some knitting projects do provide me with that zen feeling. Interestingly, it is both the simplest (a plain vanilla sock) and the most complicated (lace or cables) that do it.

    With the simple projects, it is the very fact that my hands can work without my full attention, which then allows my mind to work on other things. Because my hands are occupied, though, I can’t wander too far off. With complicated patterns, it is the very fact that I have to concentrate on THIS, no wandering allowed. It keeps me very much in the moment.

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