Snow Day Back Yard

Snow Day for QueerJoe

As a retiree, a snowfall overnight doesn’t have any of the angst associated with it anymore. Will work be called off?  Can I get out of my driveway?

First-World Worries

Yes, I worry if I have the ingredients to make French Toast.  Not sure why, but that seems to be necessary when it snows.

Sure, my Homeowners Association requires that we shovel our driveways within 24 hours.

Yes, I still have to make sure the back deck is shoveled so that the weight doesn’t damage anything.

And of course, today, I have a BREEMA workshop at 10:00 am (which I’d dogsled to if I had to!).

But mostly, I wake up like most mornings.  I make myself a latte.  Brush the cat.  I catch up on social media.  Then publish a blog post.  For the rest of the day, I have plenty of fiber-related options available after I shovel the driveway and the back deck.

I truly lead a charmed life.  For which I am very grateful.

Current Knitting/Spinning

Turns out I now have three WsIP on the knitting needles and the one spinning project.  I’ll only discuss the main knitting WIP today. Updates on the other two and the spinning will be on Wednesday.

Tilt Cardigan 03-04-19

I started the first sleeve on the Tilt Cardigan.  I opted to knit it as written in the pattern.  This means that I’m knitting it flat and doing stranded knitting on the purl side of the work more than I’d prefer.  I considered picking up stitches along the arm hole steek and knitting the sleeve in-the-round, but honestly, the sleeve-cap shaping was more complex to re-write than I cared to do.

As a result, the sleeves will go more slowly than the body.

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