Guinea Pig Knits

My Disdain is Palpable

Did you know that some veterinarians in the UK requested knitted “jumpers” for guinea pigs to keep them warm during recovery from anesthesia?

Imagine the Response

Just like the rush to knit jumpers for penguins involved in an oil spill years ago, it appears that Somerset knitters have little else to do but knit sweaters for guinea pigs.  Especially when the request was for items nicknamed “piggy pullovers.” Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have an issue for knitting items for pets.


First of all, how many fucking guinea pig owners bring their pets in for a procedure requiring anesthesia?  Second of all, I would suggest that trying to control the environmental temperature of the animal might be a safer way.  If you really want to control an animals temperature, can your really rely on a hand-knit sweater to do that?

Maybe I’m just not a big fan of the guinea pig.  I had a gerbil as a pet when I was younger.  It bit people and woke me at night with it’s incessant chewing on paper towel rolls.  So I lump all of these types of pets as “vermin.”  Sorry for my readers who adore their rodent pets.

But the topper to this story?  People wanted to knit cute little sweaters for their healthy guinea pigs.  They were told it’s not a good idea.

Even though they look cute, Charlie has warned owners that the jumpers are only made to be used by guinea pigs when needed, and are not a “fashion item”.

Current Knitting

I mentioned four WsIP in Monday’s blog entry.  Today, you only get to see progress on three of them.  First off, the spinning progress.

Tommys Preferred Blend 03-06-19

After finishing plying about 500 yards of Tommy’s Preferred Blend yarn, I started spinning singles again.

The jerry-rigging of the treadle is working just fine for now {knock wood}.

I also made TONS of progress on the Black & Blue Garter Stole.

Black and Blue Stole 03-06-19

Which, of course looks like I’ve made none.

Black and Blue Stole 03-06-19 02

Finally, I’ve made a bit more progress on the first sleeve of the Tilt Cardigan.

Tilt Cardigan 03-06-19

Interesting, when I have four WsIP, not a lot of progress seems to be completed in a two days.

2 comments on “My Disdain is Palpable

  1. Wow Joe, that was a great read! We had hedgehog (Jinx) that died after a few years of processing food, stinking up her cage, huffing at anyone who got near her, and she’s then roll up into an impenetrable ball; the latter being her signature characteristic.

    Most people loved Jinx, although it was a 50/50 split in our house. However, she was sort of cute and most importantly served as a “therapy pet” in a way. She was, however, lowest on the totem pole after our cat (that also died after 14yrs), and Kona, the black lab we’re puppy-raising for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

    Anyway, good luck to your pet-knitting colleagues should they try making one for a hedgehog! On the other hand, hedgehogs love to hang out in little pouches so perhaps there’s an entrepreneurial opportunity out there for someone in the petware knitting community! lol

  2. Isn’t it amazing that basic garter stitch is so visually stunning? All the years of tips, tricks and techniques…….. I might have an infinity scarf on the needles that looks remarkably like your scarf.

    I am pleased you are spinning again—keep it coming.

    As a fellow knitter who prides hersolf on being able to see potential through less than ideal presentation, I applaud your Tilt—simply improving to color contrast has made such a difference! I couldn’t visualize it and am enjoying your process.

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