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Simply Complex

There are complexities in everyday items that I would never notice until I had to replace them.  Who would have imagined all the thought that went into a tiny, little part?

Complex Characteristics

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I made the mistake of comparing my two spinning wheels.  Stupidly, I said that both wheel were very similar.  To the designer of the far superior spinning wheel.

Here was one simple component of the wheel.  A component that holds WAY more complexity than I would have ever thought.

I have a Louët S75 spinning wheel and my Robin Wheel. Both are castle-style wheels with the same type of tensioning.

Two Spinning Wheels Standard Orifices

Both wheels use the exact same orifice.  I know they look different in the photos.  That’s only because the Louët wheel on the right is taller and the orifice was closer to the camera when I took the photo.

The top of the maiden (the post that holds the flyer and bobbin) is where the big difference is.

Two Spinning Wheels Cradle Bearing

The Louët on the right is capped with a metal bearing.  The Robin is shaped wood.  Turns out that the simple wood cradle is much better than the metal cap.  The shaping on the Robin is end-grain on very hard wood.  Making it very smooth and very durable.  A perfect vehicle for supporting a spinning flier/orifice.

Who knew?!?!

Wheel Fix

Now the part I had to replace has similarly unexpected complexities.

Robin Wheel Fix 01

The piece on the left is the original part (the one that didn’t break).  It’s a 1/4″ diameter piece of vinyl splining.  It connects the rocker arm to the treadle pedal.

Thaddeus decided to buy 1/4″ vinyl tubing to replace the cylindrical vinyl splining.  This tiny, seemingly insignificant piece had to have at least these characteristics:

  • No more than 1/4″ diameter to fit into the rocker arm and the drilled hole in the treadle pedal
  • Not stretch with both up and down pressure applied lengthwise whilst treading
  • Be very durable and not break or tear even with a small nail going through it.
  • Exhibit flexibility to move and flex between the pedal and rocker arm movements
  • Be easy to cut and size so the section between pedal and rocker arm is the ideal length (1/2″ in this case)

All I can say is that is appears the new fix is even slightly better than the original part.  It seems to treadle more smoothly.  We’ll report on durability if anything happens.

Current Spinning/Knitting

I put the new fix to the test on my Robin Wheel.

Tommys Preferred Blend 03-13-19

I didn’t get a ton of new singles spun based on the time the wheel was out of service.  But I’ll keep adding on gradually.

I also finished the Black and Blue Garter Stole.

Black and Blue Stole 03-13-19-02

I turned out spectacularly well for such a boring little project.

Black and Blue Stole 03-13-19-04

It ended up being 11 inches wide and 84 inches long.  It’s warm, and drapey and very rich feeling and looking.  I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

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  1. It’s so often a boring knit becomes the perfect nicest garment. Oh well, it gives us a chance to watch a great tv program without guilt!

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