Gayly Springing

Happy Spring

The three main promises of Spring:

  1. Warmer weather
  2. Opportunities for bicycling
  3. Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in May

Second Favorite Season

I’ve always loved Summer.  Ever since the days of leisure when school was on break I have adored hot, steamy Summer and all that goes with it.

Second place is Spring…mostly because it is an early indicator of Summer.

Warmer Weather

Wearing less clothes and sitting out on my back deck are two of the things I look forward to with warmer temperatures.  I also love being woken up by birds outside (or Finn stalking them outside the window).  I love the flowers and the smells that come with the warming season.

Opportunities for Bicycling

It’s been too cold to bicycle for months now and my waistline is showing it.  I really look forward to more outdoor activity, and our biggest form of exercise is bicycling around this beautiful area.  I also love walking and would love to get back to running some.

Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

The will be the 12th annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in Upstate NY (the third weekend in May).  Being back at Easton Mountain as this natural wonderland starts to bloom and make peeper sounds in the pond is always the most wonderful thing.  Add to it an amazing group of guys, the experience can’t be beat.  Throughout the Spring (and during much of the Winter), I plan, organize, set up, coordinate and communicate with all the guys and it gets more and more satisfying each year.

Current Knitting

There are still four projects being worked on.  I finished the latest pair of cranked socks, so I started a new one and only the have toe to finish.  I’ll post about that next time.  I also made no progress on the spinning project.

So, I’ll post about the Tilt Cardigan and the Biased Striped Stole.

Tilt Cardigan 03-20-19 01

I FINALLY finished the first sleeve on the Tilt Cardigan, and I’ve started work on the second sleeve.  The top shaping on the first sleeve was painfully difficult and I made three mistakes which required me to rip back three times.  So, I’ve done a lot of work with little progress to show for it.

Biased Striped Stole 03-20-19 01

Believe it or not, I’ve made my share of mistakes on this simple project too!  Just recently I realized I purled half a row on the project and had to rip back 5 rows.  PURLED?!?!?  This is a garter stitch project!  What was I thinking?!? I will soon have to decide on what 3rd color I’ll be adding to this project.  Choices right now are mustard yellow or very light heather/gray (which will probably look white with the amount of contrast).

Any thoughts?

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Thanks for the thoughts on owning guns.  It’s pretty obvious that owning a gun wouldn’t actually make me any safer.  I’m pretty certain it won’t even make me feel any safer.  And I’ve hated the thought of supporting the NRA and the heinous gun manufacturers anyway.

Looks like I won’t be owning a gun anytime soon.

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