Birthday 60 Before and After

A QueerJoe Birthday

I went to bed last night in my fifties and awoke in my sixties.  The ravaging effects of aging is clear.

Special Birthday Post

It came a little early, but I held off until today to post my 60th birthday gift.

Fiber Artists Jumbo Ball Winder 01

Yes, thanks to the magic of online forums like Yarned & Dangerous, I was finally able to allow myself to get a jumbo ball winder.  I’ve had ball-winder envy for years, but I always balked at the prices.

Until this one.

I took it for a spin with one of the biggest hanks of yarn I winder (660 yards) and this is alpaca yarn, so it’s slippery and unwieldy to deal with on my old ball-winders.  I used it without clamping it to the table, and I was able to easily hold it down except for one snag on the swift, but it definitely works better clamped.

I couldn’t recommend it more highly…definitely worth it.

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  1. Happiest and most magical of birthdays, Joe! Personally, I think you’ve got a portrait in a closet somewhere…you look mahvelous!

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