Are You Smart

Are You Smart?

I think most people think they are smart.  As a boy, I always thought I was smart.  Either that, or I was so dumb that I didn’t know how dumb I was.

Assessing Smarts

I was having an animated conversation with a  friend this past weekend and I mentioned that someone we both knew “was smarter than me.”  He asked me what I meant by “smart.”  I replied quickly with something like, “The ability to put knowledge into practical use effectively.”

But the more I thought of it, I realized I had no idea what “smart” meant.  So I decided to try and characterize what it meant when I thought someone was smart.

Seemingly, this required a survey, so please let me know your ideas and I’ll post the results in a future blog!


Current Knitting

First, I thought I’d show off my Tommy Socks…I LOVE the way they turned out and they fit me perfectly.

I did end up hand-washing them in a lot of Dawn to remove the grease ring from my well-oiled machine.  It took the grease out, but some of the color in the contrasting toe yarn also bled during the soaking.  But I still love them.

Speaking of Tommy, I’m continuing to make some progress on the second round of spinning on his “preferred fiber blend.”

Tommys Preferred Blend Spinning 04-10-19

I’m thinking I will end up having enough yarn to make two more pairs of socks…possibly even three when this is all spun.

I also completed a few more stripes on the Horizontal Garter Striped Scarf/Stole.

Again, not my personal favorite.  Natural colors usually leave me a bit underwhelmed.  But it will most probably sell quickly.

4 comments on “Are You Smart?

  1. Interesting survey, Joe; it made me think! Also, did you mean “wordly” or “worldly”? I will be looking forward to your conclusions.

    1. Thanks. It required a lot of thought to come up with such a simple survey. And I did mean worldly. When I took the survey I thought that doesn’t look right but i just dismissed the thought. You say orange, I say origin.

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