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Fascinating results from readers on the survey. First of all…unsurprisingly, I have the smartest readership.  Well, after Chasten Buttigieg‘s readership.

The Survey Says…!

First on my readership’s views of themselves.  Not surprisingly, about 70% of the 61 respondents to the survey consider themselves to be Smart, Smarter than most or Extremely smart!

Thank you to the approximately 25% of my readership who answered with honesty and integrity!

Are you smart results

No, just kidding. I honestly think most people consider themselves to be smart.  And many are correct.  The “Other” responses were:

  • Well-educated but sadly inept in latest technical fields.
  • Smarter than many.
  • Less well read, faster pattern recognition (behaviour, systems).

As for the other question, the top three characteristics of what this smart readership considers required characteristics of being smart are:

  • Uses knowledge effectively.
  • Able to hold multiple complex ideas at once.
  • Extrapolation of ideas from one area to another.

Characteristics of Smart Survey Results

So, I’ll leave the survey “open” for now but you can see the full results of the survey by clicking here.

Thank you all for playing. I found this very interesting.

Missing Sock Model Photos

I can’t believe I forgot to add the Tommy Sock Gallery of me modeling the socks from his fiber in my last blog entry !!! Perhaps I’m not as smart as I thought.

Current Knitting

Some minimal progress to the Garter Striped Stole.

Yes, I think I will make it wide enough to be a stole instead of a scarf.  With this yarn, the generous sizing will be luxurious.  No? Since I’m at about 7″ now, I think I’ll have enough yarn to double that.  Maybe.

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  1. Regarding the ‘smart’ results, lol. Makes me think of Garrison Keillor’s ‘Lake Woebegon’ where ‘everyone is above average’. I forget the rest of the ‘characteristics, something about the women are strong, the men are good looking?

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