Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking

I’m finished with magical thinking.  The notion that if I do specific things, or act at specific times, that I can effect an outcome in something completely outside my control.

Just Feel, Do, Say

During the 2016 elections, I kept thinking that if I tried to time my pro-Hillary posts correctly, she might not “peak” too early.  Or that if I just spoke the right words to a Hillary-Hater, I could change their mind.

Or maybe if there really was a god.  And she came down the day before election day. And told everyone exactly what she wanted.

But obviously, that’s insane.  But the television pundits make it difficult.  They talk about the strategies for getting ahead in the polls.  How to leverage techniques that will help someone win.

Clearly they didn’t have the answer either.

So I love a lot of the Democratic candidates running for president.  Amy Klobuchar is probably my favorite.  Elizabeth Warren is truly amazing and has been consistent in her message for her entire life as far as I can tell.  I don’t know enough about Beto O’Rourke or Kamala Harris but I love listening to him speak and her background seems incredibly strong.  I’ve always thought Bernie was one of the people’s strongest advocates.  Honestly, there’s not one candidate running who I wouldn’t strongly support as the Democratic candidate.

But my heart right now is with Pete Buttigieg.

Joe for Pete 2020

Do I care that he’s surging early?  Yes, kind of, but I’m done with trying to control shit that I can’t.  I’m just going to continue to heap love on every candidate that advocates for me.  And right now, that’s Pete Buttigieg.

But one overarching condition I try to keep reminding everyone of, is to keep in mind the real enemy in 2020.  In fact, if you’re on Facebook, and haven’t done so yet, would you “Like/Follow” the #Iknowtherealenemy page?  And use that hashtag on any social media posts advocating for any of the Democratic candidates?

Also, check out where they have Pete 2020 logos for each state (including Puerto Rico…fingers crossed).

Pennsylvania for Pete 2020

Current Knitting

Despite having a weekend to knit, I made minimal progress on my only active project.


Horizontal Garter Stripes 04-15-19 01

Horizontal Garter Stripes 04-15-19 02

Less than two inches completed…oh well.  There’s still about 6 inches to go.

3 comments on “Magical Thinking

  1. I haven’t decided which Democratic candidate will get my vote in the as yet far off primary, but I’m very impressed with Pete Buttigieg, and I’ll vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination. Meanwhile, will follow the #I knowtherealenemy Facebook page and use the hashtag. I wasn’t aware of it, so many thanks for posting about it.

    1. I haven’t fully decided either. And may not until I vote in the PA primaries. But I won’t be sniping at candidates I don’t like, knowing that I may be voting for them in the November election.

    2. Tough decisions with so many capable candidates! I lean toward Amy Klobuchar in part because she is a woman (in addition to be very capable). It’s wonderful to be able to get behind any one of them for more than just their party affiliation!

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