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QueerJoe’s Slime Principle

To contort and shape yourself to please someone else, takes away any self-definition…it turns you into the equivalent of slime.  And when you do that, people will start to treat you more and more like slime.

Slime Bags

People-pleasing and being a chameleon have been two of my many character flaws throughout my life.  If you only know me through my blog, this might surprise you…perhaps not.  I realized years ago, that I was incredibly talented at molding myself into exactly what I thought others wanted.  If they pushed, I receded, if they were needy, I gave.  I thought it was ingratiating and and welcomed.

Then I realized I couldn’t stop being a people-pleaser.  And I had attracted a lot of people in my life who seemed to crave that “selflessness”.

Therefore, it’s easy to see this trait in others.

Sagging Bill-Barr

Like jelly…he can’t even keep his form intact.  He oozes into every nook and cranny of that very chair. He is slime, and has completely molded himself to every crazy whim and will of this POS POTUS who put him there.

But he’s not the only one.

Lapdog Republicans

These are some of the many lapdogs to the petulant White House baby.  They freely give away their ability to stand upright when they allow this moron to dictate idiocy in this country.

There must be some chemical agent that dissolves slime?  We need that soon.

Current Knitting

Added another couple of inches to the Garter Striped Stole.

Horizontal Garter Stripes 04-17-19 02

Given that my knitting has been lame lately.  And I subjected you to slimy people today.  The least I could do is post a couple of photos of Finn.

Finn 04-10-19 02 Finn 04-10-19

Does that make up for it?

5 comments on “QueerJoe’s Slime Principle

  1. Well-said Joe. We have to believe that we are enough and that changing to please others is slimy on so many levels!

    Thanks for the happy pics of knitting and Finn!

  2. I have liked your blog for a long time. But this take down of the slime in the White House is the best! And Finn’s sweet face is the cherry on top.

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