Income Redistribution

Tax Reform, Student Debt, Income Inequality – All Summed Up

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about Elizabeth Warren’s idea about forgiving student debt.  It’s really very simple…here’s why.

Income Redistribution

For over 30 years now (and probably longer), rich people have been paying off politicians to have the flow of income diverted to them.

Unfortunately, their methods make it a zero-sum game.  Whereby if rich people get money, the rest of us don’t.

So look at all the amazing gains in productivity corporations have had over the years.  Look at all the profits.  Where have they gone?  To higher salaries to workers?  No.  To pension plans to support workers’ futures?  Again, no.  How about to increasing the minimum wage?  Or ensuring a base livable wage? Making sure everyone has health care?  No, no, no.

The gains and profits have all gone to the executives and the shareholders who can afford to invest in stocks.

When a politician suggests that we forgive student debt, there is only one question that really matters. All proposals for tax code changes, healthcare improvements, military expenditures, etc.  Only one question should be asked:

“Does the policy change sway money to the people that have been disadvantaged by prior policies favoring the rich?”

One think I love about Elizabeth Warren is that she has fought for equity in income distribution for as long as we can tell.

This pendulum really does have to take a hard swing back after being so unnaturally pulled toward the rich for so long.

But the message should be clear…does it help us, or does it help the rich more?

Current Knitting

Some work has been done on two of my WIPs.

The hand-knit sock has grown slowly.

Noro Taio Sock 04-26-19

This Noro Taio Sock yarn is different than any other yarn I’ve knit with.  As with most Noro yarns, I love the colors and the texture of both the  yarn and the fabric grows on me more and more.

I’ve also added another 14-row pattern repeat to the Tilt sleeve.

Tilt Cardigan 04-26-19

I’ve just gotten to the part where the increases are less frequent.  So I’m getting closer to finishing it.


4 comments on “Tax Reform, Student Debt, Income Inequality – All Summed Up

  1. Elizabeth is definitely my candidate! She has solid plans that do exactly what you describe. Divert funds away from the rich toward the disadvantaged.

  2. Various studies have shown that 1 out of 4 seniors (65+) in our country live and die in poverty. I believe this to be a greater problem then a young able bodied person having student debt which they voluntarily took on.

  3. It really is simple. When a billionaire is a billionaire because he or she has failed to adequately compensate the workers who have made his or her profits possible, that billionaire has stolen from his or her workers. Period.
    That is the main reason I DETEST TV shows like “Undercover Boss” where the magnanimous boss gives thousands of dollars to weepy proletariats. F**k them. Pay your workers a living wage, you thieves!
    The same analogy with student loans, health care, education, legal representation…

    1. I couldn’t agree more. What’s even worse is when those thieving assholes use their ill-gotten billions to buy politicians who will legislate to allow them to rob their employees even more. This kind of greed is morally sickening to me.

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