Too Busy to Post MSKR 2019 Packing Pile

Too Busy To Post

This week has been chock-a-block full of fun and enjoyable stuff to do and will continue to be too busy to blog until I leave for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat on Monday!

<Pant, Pant, Pant>

Unless you’ve ever organized an event for 45 people (or more), it seems unthinkable that one could have so many things to bring.  Ask blog reader Beverly and her neighbor-friend Sergej who both put together items to donate.  They understand working at multiples of 45…and their work will be very much appreciated by the guys at the retreat next week.

I’ve also had multiple other items on my calendar so far this week and extending through until Sunday.

I pack the car on Monday morning and head up to Greenwich, NY for a weeklong of AWESOME.

But since our two different colored azalea plants are in glorious bloom right now, I’ll post photos of them (and the tiny bit of knitting I finished since Monday).  When I’m “too busy to post”, I’ll distract with photos of lush azaleas.

Azaleas 2019 03

Current Knitting

Did an inch or two on the Taio Sock and less than an inch on the second button band for the Tilt Cardigan.

Too Busy to Post Noro Taio Sock

Clearly the socks won’t be matching, but they’ll both have the same contrasting toe and strip above the toe.

Too Busy to Post Tilt Cardigan 05-08-19

Not sure I’ll finish Tilt before Show & Tell at the retreat next week.  But to be fair, I did have to ply the darker yarn onto the Rowan yarn for two more ball’s worth of yarn for the last button-band/collar.  I would love to have this one finished in time to sit around and wear this lovely garment during the cooler times at the retreat, so I’ll try and fit it all in!  Plus, I want to be able to show it off to all the guys.  It was a big project and I want to show it off with pride!

<pant, pant, pant>

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