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Blog Contest

We haven’t had a QueerJoe Blog Contest for a while. About time? No?

Price of Admission

I’m only looking for one thing from you. Make a recommendation for making something with this yarn!

Dragonfly Pixie (fingering weight) yarns in Steel Magnolia, Black Walnut, Chief Black Hawk and Silver Fox
Dragonfly Pixie (fingering weight) yarns in Steel Magnolia, Black Walnut, Chief Black Hawk and Silver Fox

The yarn is single-ply, fingering weight, 100% Superwash Merino wool.

If you need to see other views of the yarn to help you enter the Blog Contest, here you go.

Dragonfly Pixie Yarns Blog Contest 02

It’s hard to convey just how “silvery” both the Steel Magnolia and Silver Fox are, so may want to look at The Perfect Purl web site to see it more professionally photographed.

Dragonfly Steel-Magnolias Black-Walnut Chief-Black-Hawk Silver-Fox-Pixie

Send me an e-mail using the “Contact” link in the menu and let me know what you think I should make with these four yarns.  It can be a published pattern, a design idea.  It doesn’t have to use all four hanks.  But be compelling in trying to convince me to choose your project idea.

Because, if I choose your idea, you can win four hanks of Dragonfly Pixie in your choice of colors ($92 worth of yarn).  Plus you get bragging rights for this project while it’s being knit!

True Confessions

For all the color work I do in my knitting, I honestly am terrible at envisioning what a garment will look like when it’s completed.  So, for this project, I’m relying on blog readers to show me ideas that make superb use of this stash yarn.

The pattern can be yours or someone else’s.  It can even be just a concept as long as it’s described in such a way that I can envision and execute it. It can be free or readily available for purchase or download.

I will evaluate the entries based on the following:

  • Best use of as many of the colors of Pixie yarn I have
  • How much I would personally want to wear the resulting garment

Enter your idea by Friday, May 24th at midnight, (Eastern U.S. time).  You can enter as many ideas as you want.  Feel free to include the four colors of Dragonfly Pixie you’d like to win if your design is chosen.  I will notify the winner on Saturday, May 25th.  If there are any questions about the contest, I will try to respond during a very busy week next week, but there may be some delay.

Current Knitting

Making great progress on the Tilt Cardigan, but will it be enough?!?


Tilt Cardigan 05-10-19 01

The button-band/collar is almost complete (I worked on it like crazy!).  I still need to cut the steek and sew in the sleeves and weave in ends.  Not sure if I’ll be wearing this lovely cardigan at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next week…but I’ll be trying!  Maybe I can just wear it as a shawl.

Tilt Cardigan 05-10-19 02

20 comments on “Blog Contest

  1. Blog contest: Andrea mowry’s “NightShift”, a jaunty, easy, fun slipstitch shawl pattern that’s taken the shop by storm. The yarn is ideal for it.

  2. I designed my Fire Island Sunset shawl using the six colors that I developed with Dragonfly Fibers. You could adapt the pattern to four colors, or you could just buy another two colors that you like (#yarnenabler). If I win, just donate my prize to the spring retreat.

  3. First thing that popped in my head when i saw the natural colors together, coupled with the names of the yarn……a poncho in a geometric indian(in my mind I’m thinking Navajo) pattern. It could be an indian symbol or zig zag or kokopeli. Two simple large squares(maybe about 1 yardor longer length on each side), put the two squares together and you sew up two sides of the squares, but leave about 12 inches of the corners so there is an opening for the head. The two points of the corners fold down. This is a project that’s been in my head for while. Simple but effective.

  4. HMMMM! Had to think about it a while. Steel Magnolia and Silver Fox look like a natural pairing. Look on Ravelry at Kallara, a shawl by Ambah O’Brien. I can see them opposite each other. It would be lovely. The black Walnut is gorgeous and I’m feeling a luscious hat. So, also on Ravelry, look at the Morning Walk Hat. Long version. Simple, but elegant. That leaves Chief Black Hawk. Definitely an accent piece. Simple cowl that lets the color speak for itself. Enjoy!

  5. Blog Contest — I would make ‘Ignition Point Shawl by Martha Wissing’. It’s a beauty and she’s an amazing designer! <3

  6. I suggest a different Andrea Mowry slipstitch creation, the pullover Shifty. Based on the projects in Ravelry, it looks great with virtually any combination of colors, and yours should work beautifully. You’d probably want to lengthen it and knit it with extra ease, and you’d probably need a few more skeins, but you’d end up with a real head-turner. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shifty-2

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