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Authentic Acknowledgement

It’s truly amazing when someone recognizes your value.  When they see some hidden detail about your efforts and express gratitude.  That’s Authentic Acknowledgement!

YouTube Bloggers to Watch Out For

Despite being retired, I honestly don’t spend a lot of time watching  YouTube videos about knitting. So, podcasts have got to be good before I’ll watch.  Or subscribe!

You’ll notice that I’m subscribed to both The Neurotic Knitter and CabinBoyKnits.  And honestly, I watch each time they publish a new episode.  I like Drew and Christopher as people.  I’ve met them both. They are both fantastic guys and I consider them friends.  So I definitely want to keep up on what they’re up to.

This past month, both of them attended the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (MSKR) at Easton Mountain in Upstate NY.  The photo above is me at MSKR this year.  I get that goofy smile on my face from the minute I get there.  I find myself smiling like it even now thinking about my time there

Listen to what the both have to say about it.

Both of these guys recognized something or things about the retreat that I didn’t think was noticed.  And both of them acknowledged me in a very authentic way.  A way I very much valued.

The retreats are amazing for me, so I don’t do them for the acknowledgement.  So, it’s all the better when it’s given freely and authentically.

Do you know someone that would like to participate in this amazing community of fiber-men?

Encourage them to attend the North East Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat in September.  We have both scholarship and regular spots open .  But only tell the awesome guys.  It seems the awesome guys are the only ones interested in the retreats anyway!

Current Knitting

So glad to have made it to the second yarn on the Blog Contest shawl, Tree Line.

Tree Line 05-31-19 01

Since the crescent-shaping of the shawl relies on decreasing the number of stitches at the beginning and end of each row, the knitting goes faster and faster.

I also have to say I LOVE the depth and beauty of Dragonfly Fibers’ Black Walnut Pixie.

Tree Line 05-31-19 02

It’s rich and lustrous and a joy to knit with.  I can’t wait to see how it blooms when it’s blocked.


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  1. This. I have followed since before you retired for this post. Your knitting skill and gentle mentoring are two things you sell least about yourself. It is a treat to be able to hear others recognize your talent. And I thank you for sharing their reviews. May your knitting high continue until Independence Day!

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