Knitting Nancies

QueerJoe is a Knitting Nancy

Or at least, QueerJoe enjoys Knitting Nancies (Knitting Nancy s?)!  I’m sure there must be folks out there that collect these little knitting toys?

Another Flea Market Find – Vintage Knitting Nancy

At the flea market the other day, this caught my eye.

Knitting Nancy Old

I loved how earnestly this person worked to create yards and yards of i-cord.  I also liked the colors of the painted Knitting Nancy and the yarn colorway used.

A far cry from the plastic ones being sent out of China these days.

Knitting Nancy New

Don’t get me wrong, if I needed to make yards and yards of i-cord, there is a great way of doing that on my antique Gearhart circular sock knitting machine.  And if I didn’t already have a hobby that kept my hands busy while I watched television, I might consider making i-cord on one of these cute little toys.

But for now, the vintage toy will remain just an objet to be admired.

Current Knitting

Almost finished with the Tree Line Shawl by Jenessa Keller.

It’s large enough to make photos a bit difficult.  But I really love this pattern.  I think it combines two very different colors of yarn extremely well.  I should be finished this week and ready to start up a new project.

2 comments on “QueerJoe is a Knitting Nancy

  1. Really enjoy your blog. There is always so many interesting subject. I love to knit and have been for more than sixty years. It’s been a therapy . I love doing socks. I just finished a wallaby, which was fun to do. Have done a few Fisherman knits and enjoy working with many colors in the design. Keep up the great Blog! TakeCare !

  2. Hi! I live in Australia and I collect Knitting Nancies – and I have been collecting for around 20 years now. I have not counted them but there must be over 1500.
    I do have blogs (one is on vintage sewing) and the other is – – I also head the Flickr group – spoolknitter – link on blog – I am writing a book about the J.W. Spear Knitting Nancy (official brand name) – they are also called strickliesel(n) (n is plural) ……… cheers!

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