New Knitting Projects Parallax and Ensign Cardigan

Two New Knitting Projects

First I started the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan. And then I was inspired (again) by the brilliance of Alasdair’s double-knitting design Parallax. I now have two projects with which I’m obsessed.

Handling Two Complexities

I’m hopeful that the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan project won’t take up a ton of my mental knitting energies.  Because I will need it for the Parallax 3.0 scarf by Alasdair Post-Quinn (of Extreme Double-Knitting fame).

I did purchase and download the 5-pattern booklet of Parallax scarves by Alasdair.  With 37 pages , I had to print out a lot of them.  He takes you all the way from casting on for multi-colored double-knitting to learning a bit about the new lingo of layers and twisted selvages.

There isn’t much that intimidates me in the world of yarn.  But double-knitting has never been my strong suit.  Anything that requires me to bring the yarn (or yarns) forward and backward can be a bit daunting.

But fortunately I have three balls of Kauni in my stash that I think will work.


I can’t wait to cast on for the new project.

I also can’t wait to expand the new cardigan design enough so that photos show what it will look like a little better.

Current Knitting

So here’s the Ensign Brook DK Cardigan so far.

Ensign Brook DK Cardigan 06-07-19

First of all, it will be knit in-the-round and the front opening will be done with a steek.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted the bottom of the cardigan to look (i-cord edging, ribbing, what kind of ribbing if ribbing, etc.) so I opted to just do a provisional cast-on.  The red yarn is just waste yarn.

It’s nice being excited by two projects at once.  It’ll keep me busy for a while.  Someone on Facebook mentioned that it took them six months to knit Parallax.  I’m wondering if that project will become my next coffin adornment project.

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