New Skills Acquired

Just a quick update to write of more double-knitting skills acquired.

 New Skills Inventory

First of all, a little advice. If you decide to attempt to make Alasdair’s scarf, Parallax 3.0 (or any other of the five versions), I would highly suggest that you read through all his Tips & Techniques before you begin. As an example, when I read through his description of creating the Selvedge edge on the scarf, I couldn’t really understand it. But as I started actually working on the scarf and executing it, I went back to the instructions and found that was able to create a very neat selvedge based on his instructions.

So here are my new skills:

I realized just today (after working through all the written instructions) that Alasdair has a number of video tutorials for his techniques.  Do a web search using “fallingblox tutorial” and you’ll find tons of awesome videos by Alasdair.

Don’t get me wrong, even with Alasdair’s help, it will still take me a very long time to complete this scarf project.  But I will enjoy seeing it grow.

Current Knitting

I was traveling for the last few days, and did virtually no knitting at all.  I’ll post about it next week.  But here’s where I am currently on Parallax 3.0.

Parallax 06-13-19 02

I know it’s not much.  But having learned many of the requisite skills, I will move along a bit more quickly.  I hope.

If anyone would like to consider trying this, I’d be glad to act as a coach.  It won’t be an official KAL, but you’re welcome to post any questions or comments or send me links to photos of your progress.

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  1. Joe, It looks all french to me. I don’t think I could get into knitting that, but it’s so intriguing. Your getting to be so good and learning so much in the process of knitting. I think your a very determined individual with an inquisitive mind. It’s wonderful!! Keep it up! Take Care!!

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