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Learning From The Young – Part 2-UPDATE

Thanks to a more knowledgeable and keen-eyed reader, I have an update. I wan’t to correct two problems with today’s earlier blog entry (see below).

Registrar vs. ISP

I called companies like Network Solutions, SiteGround and GoDaddy – Internet Service Providers (ISPs). I should have called them Domain Name Registrars!  They are also web hosting companies.

So, for instance, I could have registered the domain name “queerjoe.com” on SiteGround or Network Solutions and I could also have either of them host my blog posts and photos as well.

To be clear, I currently register all my domains on GoDaddy and host my blog posts and photos on SiteGround.

To be even clearer, here’s a web site that describes the two: https://kaneworks.com/whats-a-domain-name-registrar-and-whats-an-isp/

Hopefully the updated graphic is a bit more accurate now:

URL to DNS to Web Host Graphic 2

Second Issue

Keen Reader (Matt) pointed out something else.  I didn’t know it. So, I am glad to find out!

Bob Parsons, the founder and former CEO of GoDaddy is a complete dickhead. From what it seems: https://gawker.com/5787676/meet-godaddys-ridiculous-elephant-killing-ceo

He sold 70% of his company to a venture capitalist firm in 2011. As a result, the the company has a gotten significantly better in the past 8 years without his assholiness leading it. So, you may want consider an alternative (like SiteGround or Namecheap which is what the keen-eyed reader uses).


Just one note:  There are a lot of REGISTRARS and WEB HOSTS and my friend Eric has worked with all of them.  He highly recommends SiteGround.  Even if you’ve never heard of them, I agree with Eric, that they are very good and reasonably priced if you’re looking to organize your service providers.

3 comments on “Learning From The Young – Part 2-UPDATE

  1. I have had a visceral negative reaction to GoDaddy from the first moment I saw one of their ads, and nothing I have heard about them has changed that. I work for a nonprofit that has maintained several different domain names (for projects we sponsor) over the last couple of decades that have been placed with GoDaddy by probono consultants. I continue to lobby, with good success, to move every one of them away from GoDaddy as soon as possible. We have found Network Solutions to be reliable and their customer service has been top-notch. Must admit, I haven’t comparison-shopped prices.

  2. Hmmmmm, Joe, I think you were rather too kind in your description of Bob Parsons. Just saying……….

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